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Of the Nightingale I Envy the Fate – av Motus [IT]

Of the Nightingale I Envy The Fate – en poetisk föreställning som utforskar frågor om sorg, förlust och det mänskliga tillståndet.

For those of us who live at the shoreline standing upon the constant edges of decision crucial and alone. 

(Audre Lorde, A Litany for Survival

To the animal sphere, the uncivilised, the wild, is traced Cassandra’s talent as prophetess. In the Oresteia, the coryphaeus compares her incomprehensible lament to the song of a nightingale: from the response of the ”unheard young woman” comes the title of this performance-cry, where Cassandra’s battle is evoked by the body- voice of Stefania Tansini in the moments before her unfair killing as a slave/adulteress and ξένη/foreigner. A shamanic rite in which the stereotypical feminine fragility and her fiery spirit of vengeance merge, the funereal visions of the future, like animal prowess, the elegance of the gesture and the fluttering of the eyelashes – a nightingale hybridised by tropical feathers that refracts in an altered space – in dialogue with a mobile light (from beyond the world?) that chases and challenges her.

Idea and direction: Nicolò, Enrico Casagrande with Stefania Tansini Dramaturgy: Daniela Nicolò Live sound design: Enrico Casagrande Soundscapes: Demetrio Cecchitelli technical direction and Light design: Theo Longuemare Music track: R.Y.F. (Francesca Morello) Latex props: _vvxxii Dress Boboutic: Firenze Assistant costume and set designer: Susana Botero Illustrations: Lilsis.art Graphics: Federico Magli Video Vladimir Bertozzi Production: Francesca Raimondi Organization and logistics: Shaila Chenet Communication: Dea Vodopi Promotion: Ilaria Depari Press office: comunicattive.it International distribution: Lisa Gilardino A Motus production with TPE / Festival delle Colline Torinesi Artistic residencies hosted by Lavanderie a vapore Torino, Centro nazionale di produzione della danza Virgilio Sieni, AMAT Marche With the support of MiC, Regione Emilia-Romagna Duration: 45 minutes


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