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Primary Partner

Primary Partner is a new show with and by choreographers and performers Amanda Apetrea and Cornelius. And with them is scenographer and costume designer Daniel Åkerström-Steen. 

In the show we meet two characters developed for their previous performance SPRINGTIME (2019). They have flowers in their long curly hair, they wear fluttery flowy clothes and look like hippies that just woke up from hibernation. They are in a romantic reverie of the world and all its beauties. They are simultaneously naive, cloying and vulgar. They are extreme in their love of everything that has to do with romance, partnering, procreation and families. They have a contact with the audience, speaking directly to them and with them, but mostly at them, like a non-listening parent. They are frankly very annoying and also irresistible. 

Apetrea, Cornelius and Åkerström-Steen developed a triptych starting with ”I’m a Very Understanding Woman,” in 2015, a contemporary dance performance exploring gender and violence. The second piece, ”SPRINGTIME,” examined the roles of heterosexual reproduction, pleasure, and labor. The series concluded with ”There Will Be Men,” which delved into masculinity through the lens of early 20th-century film characters, blending vaudeville with gender theories by Virginie Despentes. Imagine Laurel and Hardy meets Fight Club, or the Marx brothers meet Quentin Tarentino.


With and by: Amanda Apetrea, Cornelius

Scenography, costume design: Daniel Åkerström Steen

Producer: Sara Bergsmark (Johnson & Bergsmark)

Administrative structure: Interim kultur

With support from: Kulturrådet, Konstnärsnämnden


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