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Föreläsning med Keith Larson

Dansinitiativet / Luleå

tis 17 dec 2019 kl 14.45 – AVSLUTAD

Dansinitiativet avslutar året med konferensen "Dancing on the Margins of Climate Change" inom det regionala utvecklingsprojektet Dance artists in Barents. Under konferens är vissa programpunkter öppna för allmänheten. 

Tisdag 17/12 kl 14.45-16.45 Föreläsning med Keith Larson, Klimatforskare i Abisko

Keith Larson, PhD, is a scientist and science communicator that manages the Climate Impacts Research Centre for Umeå University from the Swedish Abisko Scientific Research Station. He lives in the Arctic on the frontline of climate change with his family that includes his wife and two daughters, aged 5 and 18 months. Two hundred kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, he walks his daughters to kindergarten in 24-hour daylight in the summer and 24-hour darkness with -20° to -30° C weather in the winter.

Keith has spent his career working as a scientist traveling the world experiencing the impacts of climate and environmental change have on wildlife and ecosystems from the Arctic to the tropics. The inspiration for his work comes from being in the field and experiencing nature. His current research focuses on comparing research conducted on plants in mountain regions over 100 years ago, before modern human-caused climate change, to the conditions found today. It is with this “time machine” approach that he and other scientists can measure the change that has already taken place due to climate change and try to predict the future for earth’s species and ecosystems. Currently, he is collaborating with a group of diverse interdisciplinary international researchers from Sweden, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan.