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Van Gogh's Boots

Teaterverket Västman / Odenplan

ons 29 nov kl 19.00 – AVSLUTAD
tor 30 nov kl 19.00 – AVSLUTAD
fre 1 dec kl 19.00 – AVSLUTAD
lör 2 dec kl 16.00 – AVSLUTAD
sön 3 dec kl 19.00 – AVSLUTAD

Life is not easy for a pair of boots, especially when you are at the end of Vincent Van Gogh’s legs.

As the famous painter lies dying in his bed, our heroes Left and Right try to get their tragic owner back on his feet. After a lifetime of standing under, they now try to under-stand their situation, and learn how sometimes you are right, and sometimes you are left.  

Based on a true story, this tragicomedy looks at the final period of Van Gogh’s life from the perspective of a pair of boots, which the artist bought at a flea market in Paris and used as ‘models’ for a number of paintings. As the audience is drawn into their philosophical and comical world, the boots cease to be inanimate objects and become instead a symbol for Van Gogh's tormented soul. In a joyous and sometimes quarrelsome double act, they entertain us with their musings on friendship, loss and art.  

Föreställningen spelas på engelska.

På scen: 
Ben Kersley
Colette Lynch

Manus och Regi: Gary Clarke

Ljud och ljus: Nvar Hevros

Kostym: Leif Wicksell

Scenografi: Nvar Hevros

Originalmusik: Gary Clarke

Musikproducent: Scott Thompson

Föreställningen spelas på Teaterverket Västman, Västmannagatan 54

Onsdag 29 november kl 19.00
Torsdag 30 november kl 19.00
Fredagen 1 december kl 19.00
Lördagen 2 december kl 16.00
Söndagen 3 december kl 19.00

Föreställningslängd:  ca. 60 min utan paus

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