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The Abyss Between Our Hands - Reading night

Hägerstensåsens medborgarhus / Hägersten

fre 20 okt 2023 kl 20.00 – AVSLUTAD
Det här evenemanget avslutades i oktober 2023.

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This special event invites you to spend the night at Hägerstensåsens Medborgarhus, reading, listening, falling asleep to the writings of the 13th- century Flemish mystic Hadewijch of Brabant.

Hadewijch was a Beguine, who were women in the Middle Ages living in small religious communities without being members of the Church, like nuns. Her writings, which include poems, songs, visions, letters and prose speak with a voice that cuts through the fabric of time, into the hidden depths of one’s heart. Hadewijch’s mysticism weaves together her devotion to her life as a Beguine, with the lovesick lovesongs of the troubadours, and with dazzlingly dark metaphysics that would make any contemporary philosopher blush. To her, encountering the divine rests within the mystical abyss of love - if one dares to take the leap.

This is an overnight event, where we read until the morning. Your ticket includes dinner and a small breakfast. We will spend the night in the main hall of the building and you can choose to sleep, listen or even help us read. You will be asked to bring your own sleeping gear, and we have a few beds available for guests with mobility needs or travelling in from far. For booking a bed or any further questions, contact Maren Wolf: marenwolf96@gmail.com

For more info about the event read this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bk1K8XcmIG5HsjYVGyY6oe1GKAO3hkok/view?usp=sharing

13.00– 17.00 – afternoon seminar (separate event, read more on medborgarhuset.se)
17:00–19:00 – break
19:00–20:00 – doors open for the Reading Night
20:00–21:00 – dinner
21:00–08:00 – start of reading, concert and sleeping
08:00–10:00 – breakfast and wrap-up

Artistic Team: Áron Birtalan, Gabriel Widing, Maren Wolf 
Seminar Opponent: Simone Kotva (University of Oslo, University of Cambridge)
PhD Supervisors: John-Paul Zaccarini (Stockholm University of the Arts), Erin Manning (Concordia University) 
Overnight music: Extracts of the XIV, Sonja Tofik gleemaiden, Macumbista
Support from: Stockholm University of the Arts, Hägerstensåsens Medborgarhus

Áron Birtalan is an artist, musician and student of theology, whose work explores languages of pleasure and anguish between angel, creature and computer. Simone Kotva is a philosopher of religion working at the intersection of theology, critical theory and earth ethics. Maren Wolf is a designer and artist working with participatory experiences, rituals and playfulness. Gabriel Widing is an artist and game designer, interested in performance, play and participation. Sonja Tofik is a composer and musician based in Stockholm. Her blend of samples, drones, field recordings, feedback and vocals creates a dark and emotional sonic sphere. Extracts of the XIV are ecstasy by song, ecstasy by repetition - perpetual peaks, uplifted and otherworldly. In the place where eternity stands right-angled towards time, XTC sings the XIV century. Macumbista is a little boy that lives in DH’s mouth.

Content and Accessibility
The seminar and the Reading Night both feature amplified music/sound and participatory exercises that gently challenge attention and sensation. It’s up to you what you participate in and you can always take a step back. The afternoon seminar touches on topics of religion, grief, ideas about the afterlife, sensuality, contamination, erotics, and the limits of consensual relationships. The venue is wheelchair accessible.