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Jam and Juice Festival dance workshops

Uppsala Danscenter: Martha - Hip hop / Uppsala

lör 14 maj kl 10.30 – AVSLUTAD

Uppsala Danscenter: Inxi - Popping / Uppsala

lör 14 maj kl 12.05 – AVSLUTAD

Uppsala Danscenter: Bana - Locking / Uppsala

lör 14 maj kl 12.05 – AVSLUTAD

This year, Jam & Juice Festival will have workshops on Saturday the 14th with our esteemed panel of judges. Bana, Inxi, and Martha will all be holding their workshops. The schedule goes as follows;

10:30-12:00: Martha  - Hip hop

12:05-13:35: Inxi - Popping

12:05-13:35: Bana - Locking

Please note that some workshops will happen at the same time and that we have VERY LIMITED places so book your tickets now.

- Location: Uppsala Danscenter, Vaksalagatan 12

- The level is open but you need to have some dance experience. All workshops will expect a basic understanding and execution of the styles.

- All ages



Completing our judge panel on saturday, We are happy to announce Martha Nabwire aka “Martha!” as part of our panel this year. What else is there to say? She has made a legacy for herself as being an authentic soul and mover in today’s hip hop generation. 


This beast of a dancer is known simply as “Inxi” in her communities. She is celebrated as an overall amazing dance freestyler with an array of medals on her belt. Malmö Hip Hop Weekend 2019,  Soul session in Oslo 2018, Ladies of Hip hop in New York 2017, Juste Debout Nordic in Copenhagen 2016 to name a few. In the underground ballroom scene, she also holds the title of “The legendary Inxi Prodigy”


This firecracker will rip our floors representing Deja Vu and Fusion art crews. Both crews consist of only women. Bana has been dancing for 15 years and focused on freestyle styles in the last 9-10 years. Locking being one of her specialties, Bana has won and/or made a mark in several well renowned Street Dance stages such as SDK, Juste Debout, Summer Dance Forever and Pay The Cost To Be Boss  to name a few.