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PLUG FAIR / Through a glass, darkly

Köp biljetter
60 kr – 120 kr

Utanför Teater Tre / Södermalm

ons 16 sep kl 19.30 – AVSLUTAD
tor 17 sep kl 19.00 – AVSLUTAD
fre 18 sep kl 19.30 – AVSLUTAD
lör 19 sep kl 14.30 – AVSLUTAD

- This show is part of Stockholm Fringe Festival 2020 -

With Djej’en’ej (Josh Vyrtz & Axel Berger). 

This is an outside walk, starts from Teater Tre.

PLUG FAIR / Through a glass, darkly. takes the form of a corrupted walking tour in which a group of up to 20 individuals are led through a series of public spaces by a guide with a laptop attached to his head; his actions are accompanied by audio assistance provided through wireless headphones.

A physical experience, PLUG FAIR requires walking, running and climbing to be completed. Space, gesture, metaphor, and composition are proposed in opposition to one another before coagulating in a physical, hypnotic stew.

Through this immersive experience, audiences are encouraged to re-assess their collective relationships and their place within the public realm. Finally the underlying systems that govern those public environments are brought into scrutiny.

45 minutes
Art walk / Roaming performance
From Sweden, UK, in English


The 11th edition of STOFF (Stockholm Fringe Festival) returns this fall, 15-19 September, in the shape of a HYBRID festival, that will feature old and new festival modules: both IRL fringe art, and online showcases!

We hope that you, our audience, will embrace our local and global talent, as they manoeuvre their way through the new #COVID19 reality.

STOFF 2020 will feature some of our favourite creatives on venues like Danscentrum, Teater Tre, Orionteatern, Abundo’s new streaming platform, Facebook, Instagram, and other digital platforms.

Sydney Fringe will also be involved, sharing the best of the Aussie fringe scene!

More info + full 2020 programme via: www.stockholmfringe.com

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Stoff is part of Nordic Fringe Network – NFN & World Fringe + IETM international network for contemporary performing arts, Scensverige & Transit Kulturinkubator – tid, råd och rum för konstnärliga verksamheter

With support from Kulturförvaltningen Region Stockholm, Kulturrådet, Kulturstöd för unga Stockholms stad

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