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#SWIMP20: Monologic (Workshop)

Reginateatern / Uppsala

ons 4 mar 2020 kl 10.00 – AVSLUTAD
Det här evenemanget avslutades i mars 2020.

About the workshop 

Monologues are a beautiful tool to dive into the mindset of the characters and understand their view of the world and their self. In this workshop you will get techniques to get a more poetic and concrete way to get your character's inner life to come into the spotlight. We will also work with the your acting skills and give you tips and tricks to make your stage presence feel more theatrical and profesional


About Daniel Malmqvist

Daniel Malmqvist is one of Sweden's most experienced and hired improvisers and impro teachers. He's the former artistic director of Gothenburg impro theatre, the cofounder of Improfest Gothenburg, founder of Cult Impro and are in a handful of duo projects. Daniel has been all around the world teaching and playing impro in Australia, Belgium, Israel, Germany, France, Island and USA to name a few. With his combination of experience from scripted theatre, drama in education and impro, Daniel works with the holistic view of you as an improviser