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#SWIMP20: Dark Improv (workshop)

Kollaboratoriet / Uppsala

tor 5 mar 2020 kl 10.00 – AVSLUTAD
Det här evenemanget avslutades i mars 2020.

About the Workshop 

Improvisation is is nearly always light and comic. Unplanned Parenthood have made their name taking
dark, serious genres andnding the funny within them. They still keep the dark and serious elements
and the audience cares what happens to their characters. Their shows, based on Nordic Noir, Horror
and Lars von Trier have wowed audiences all over Europe. And now they would like to impart what they
have learnt to you.


About Emma Wessleus & Peter More

Peter More (UK) and Emma Wessleus (SWE) met in Amsterdam and were both members of easylaughs and Opro - Improvised Opera. Peter has been teaching improv and stand-up for 15years. Emma teaches improv, music and musical improv. They perform together in their Scandanavian Noir format Mørdsäga.