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#SWIMP20: Acapella Improv (workshop)

About the Workshop

Professional Musical Theatre actress and improviser Lisa Lynn (Acaprov, Multiverse, MusicBox) will be teaching a capella musical improv step by step: Building songs a capella, signalling, texture, timbre, genres, harmony and staying in time. Staging a musical - dance, basic improv and acting 101. Also how to improvise a variety of songs and signal/pass/conduct on stage. The Hamilton style - Introduction to Rap, beatboxing and body percussion a capella It's great for those at intermediate level who can already improvise a musical but might want to be able to do it in a power cut; or add to thier short form games when there's no accompaniest.


About Lisa Lynn

With a First Class Honours in Musical Theatre, working as a professional actor/singer, Lisa began improvising in 2015. She is now a fixture on the London Improv scene as a member of 4 improv groups and guesting with several others. She performs monthly short-form and long-form shows in London and Internationally, with SWIMP17, SO improv fest Bulgaria and TILT under her belt, she took her own group ACAPROV to perform in Berlin to a sold out crowd of 350 earlier this year. Lisa uses her experience training with MonkeyToast, Hoopla, Groundlings and The Nursery, combined with her degree, a decade of professional acting work, and 7 years teaching Acting: to offer a variety of workshops at all levels.

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