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#SWIMP20: The Inappropriate Line (workshop)

Kollaboratoriet / Uppsala

fre 6 mar 2020 kl 14.00 – AVSLUTAD
Det här evenemanget avslutades i mars 2020.

About the workshop

We all know these moments – somebody says something on stage and the audience goes silent with dread. Everyone knows that something inappropriate just happened. It might be an offensive phrase or just plain bad improv. The only clear thing is that somebody messed up. Now the question is – what do we do about it? In this workshop we will create a safe space in which we can let these moments arise, then learn how to deal with them – by recontextualizing, doubling down, speaking honestly and finding creative ways to say both “yes” and “no”.


About Itamar Karbian

Itamar Karbien has been improvising for about 11 years and teaching improv for about 8. He has taught improv in improv schools and the Tel-Aviv based MOVE acting studio, as well as in corporate and private environments. Itamar has coached teams for both short-form and long-form formats from beginner to performance level. He is the founder and co-artistic director of the group Lamabati, and was co-founder, co-artistic director, MC and coach of the Improleague, an Israeli initiative intended to provide performance opportunities for beginner improvisers. Itamar has travelled to perform and teach in various locations around the world, including Vancouver, Calgary, Finland, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Turkey, Greece, Estonia and Sweden.