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#SWIMP20: If I'm being honest (workshop)

Kollaboratoriet / Uppsala

lör 7 mar 2020 kl 14.00 – AVSLUTAD

About the workshop

Come with Sara & Kaisa on a journey of connections, we will learn to share our stories and create opportunities not only to connect with our fellow cast members, but the audience as well. In this workshop we will ask you to jump into the deep end with us, exploring truth and vulnerability, creating rich stories that come from within. Through this we will create a safe space to push the boundaries and find beautiful relationships between ourselves and our stage performance. Expect to work on: storytelling, depth of relationships within scenes and honest character work.


About Sara and Kaisa 

Sara Palmer started her improv career 8 years ago in the United States, where she is from. Sara has experience in improvisation theater with countless performances and festivals both in the United States and abroad. Sara has studied improvisation at the Torch Theater in Phoenix, as well as under the directing of many of the best improv teachers in the field. In addition, Sara has coached several Harold Teams (long form improv) and taught creative writing. On top of improvising, Sara is also an experienced storyteller. 

Kaisa Kokko has improvised for 15 years, both in Finland and around the world. She was in JOO!, one of the first improv companies in Finland for 14 years and has studied Improvisational theater under the guidance of dozens of leading professionals, both abroad and in Finland. Kaisa has graduated from iO Chicago and has traveled around the world teaching, performing and constantly learning new things about the world of improvisation. Together Sara and Kaisa run Improv School Finland in Helsinki, Finland.