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#SWIMP20: Objects and Puppets (workshop)

Kollaboratoriet / Uppsala

fre 6 mar 2020 kl 09.30 – AVSLUTAD
Det här evenemanget avslutades i mars 2020.

About the workshop

The workshop “Improv objects and puppets” aims to do exactly the same thing we used to do as kids
but now also with a live audience.
- Animate body parts: hands, feet, elbows, knees can become improvised puppets
- Choose your object and transform it into a puppet
- Puppet as an extension of the body: To play a character you have to first animate your body, and a puppet is no more than your own extension of the body.
- Zoom in – Zoom out: Every place is a playground in micro and macro space.
Every object can be a puppet and every puppet is a complex character. All that we have to do is bring
them to life and just let them play.


About Dan

Dan Codreanu started practicing improv three years ago. He is a trained actor and puppeteer, but when
he started playing improv he realized that this is the thing that completes him. He is working and playing for, and with, children at a puppet theatre in Bucharest, and takes his inspiration from the most sincere audience - children. He is a member of “Urban Impro” and “Hai Impro” improvisational theatre groups and performs short form and long form for adults and children as well. He taught this workshop in Leuven at Improovelicious in 2018 and in Romania for several times.