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The Sleeping Carnival

Welcome to The Sleeping Carnival! 
A whimsical journey into the realm of Aurore where Make-Believers roam and dreams are so vivid they come alive...

The Sleeping Carnival is a circus and variety show telling the story of Beatrice Aurore - how she came to be and how she found her Make-Believers. The show is based on the music and stories written by Beatrice Aurore and performed with a live band. 

You will witness several fantastic female performers - grand burlesque artists and extraordinarily talented circus performers come together to make the stories come to life. Be prepared to be amazed and bedazzled by a show unlike any other! 

The show is produced by an all female producing team - Beatrice Aurore (Beatrice Lindholm), Lady Rivet (Linn Oscarsson) and Music Freak Productions (Therese Strigner).

The show is suitable for 15+ and will be performed in english. 

Shows: March 2. 14.00 and 20.00. Approx. 1,5 hours.
Location: Teater Tre, Rosenlundsgatan 12. 
Metro station: Mariatorget.

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