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WITHIN PRACTICE - Salva Sanchis & Caroline Byström

Eric Ericsonhallen / Skeppsholmen

tor 11 okt 2018 kl 19.00 – AVSLUTAD

WITHIN PRACTICE - Salva Sanchis & Caroline Byström

Torsdag 11 Oktober

Längd: 2tim och 30 min inkl. paus
Plats: Eric Ericsonhallen, Skeppsholmen (Kyrkslingan 2, 111 49 Stockholm)
Tid: 19.00


Salva Sanchis
In and Out, Through and Through
19.00, Eric Ericsonhallen

Caroline Byström
Past as prologue
20.30, Eric Ericsonhallen

WITHIN PRACTICE  är en sju dagars mötesplats mellan professionella dansare och studenter från DOCH och en intresserad publik. Symposiet fokuserar på praktik och praktiker utifrån utövarens perspektiv genom bl.a. workshoppar och publika presentationer.
Begreppet praktik(er) är vanligt förekommande inom dans och koreografi idag, en del skulle t o m säga att det är övermättat. Begreppet praktik kan ge möjlighet att gå bortom projektifieringen av konsten och istället insistera på andra långsiktiga sätt att arbeta på. Praktik kan erbjuda sätt att generera koreografi och rörelser, att träna/repetera (to practice).

I Within practice vill vi lyfta det inneboende experimenterandet och insisterandet som praktiker har, och erbjuda en plats för praktiserande, samtal och konstnärspresentationer och fortsätta bygga gemenskaper mellan utövare.

Workshoppar, presentationer, open source, dans och samtal
I inbjudningarna till konstnärerna Caroline Byström, Alice Chauchat, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Chrysa Parkinson, Salvador Sanchis och Arkadi Zaideshar samtalet om deras praktiker stått i centrum. Varje konstnär i Within Practice kommer att göra sex workshoppar under fyra dagar för att sedan göra en publik presentation. Dessa presenteras nu i Eric Ericsonhallen för deltagarna och allmän publik kvällarna 11, 12, 13 Oktober. 

Within Practice är ett samarbete mellan Säfsten Production och Institutionen för dans på DOCH/Stockholms konstnärliga högskola.
Genomförs med stöd av Kulturrådet, Stockholm Stad och Konstnärsnämnden.

Salva Sanchis 
PRESENTATION: In and Out, Through and Through

When preparing for work (rehearsal, class, performance…), there is an initial amount of time I dedicate to strict physical preparation (stretching, relaxing). Then there is a second phase that would still fall in the category of “warm-up”, where movement is already present, but in which the specific contents of the work session are not yet addressed. This is the phase in which conscious cognitive work and movement come together, in which I attempt to make both my intentions and my physical capabilities become in-tuned. I have realized over the years that this is the most generative moment of the work session. All new thoughts, ideas, realizations, appear at this moment. After that, the focus switches to deepening, practicing, shaping… In the recent past, I have purposefully started to look more attentively at this second phase of the warm up, I have been trying to understand it and value it for itself, and not only as a means to prepare the work that follows after it. What I am presenting here has to do with extending the qualities that appear in this moment: I have gone to the studio, started warming up, kept on warming up, and tried to capture what happened. The form of what I show is not a rearrangement of what happened, it is one example of a form I use to warm up. Its result is its own generation.

Salva Sanchis is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher living near Barcelona. In 1998 he graduated with the first generation of P.A.R.T.S., and he has been both teaching and producing dance performances since then. He has collaborated with choreographers Marc Vanrunxt and Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker on several occasions. Currently, the two last performances of Salva Sanchis are on tour: “Radical Light” (2016), and “A Love Supreme” (2005/2017), made in collaboration with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. As of 2017, Salva has indefinitely stopped his choreographing activity and is focusing on studying and teaching.

Caroline Byström 
PRESENTATION Past as prologue

Past as prologue is part of an ongoing exploration of the document as an enabling force and an investigation of what already exists; three ghost documents from a previous performance. It asks the question of how to create and maintain connections over a period of time and is a performance and a documentation. A practice presentation in the making of a work to come between Byström (SE) and invited collaborator Antje Velsinger (DE).

Caroline Byström was born in Taegu, South Korea. She grew up in Örnsköldsvik (SE) and works as a choreographer and dancer in Stockholm since graduating from the master programme in choreography at DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts (2014). Her workings take on their expression in indeterminable certainties that move in between sound, text and body. She works from a place of relating to that which already exists, perhaps as a background. Rather than developing a coherent artistry Byström explores and formulates a new approach in each work. Autumn wise since 2014 Byström has danced with Weld company. 

Antje Velsinger works as a freelance performer, choreographer and researcher in Hamburg and Cologne. In her choreographic work, she investigates various interfaces between dance, sound installation and visual art, in which our sensory perception of spaces and temporality plays a vital role. Antje holds an MA degree in Choreography and Performance from the Institute of Applied Theatre studies at Gießen University. From 2015–2017, she was a scholar of the artistic/scientific PhD programme “Performing Citizenship”, where she did research on a contemporary approach to utopian bodies. Her recent work “Let’s face it!” was nominated for the Cologne Dance Prize 2017.