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MWF: Soft Genesis - Lydia Östberg Diakté & Casper-Malte Augusta

c.off / Stockholm

fre 7 sep 2018 kl 20.00 – AVSLUTAD

Can you hear me, can you hear, can you hear me I know you can hear me.

The angels spoke to god and he laid thou hand upon thee and whispered softly ‘What’s between God and humanity is private’. The angels responded annoyingly “No please! Please let them accept the present that was brought them. For to see our face is like seeing the face of the heavenly”.  Do you hear me though?


The message will be served by yet another divine duet, two two spirited angels Casper-Malte Augusta and Lydia Östberg Diakité. Both based in Copenhagen working with a narrative on western symbolism/signifiers of spirituality and religion. Working on replacing the unrepresented empowered high femme in the historical themes of the strong, dom and masc bodies through the media of dance and choreography.