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#SWIMP18: Introduction to Improvised singing (workshop)

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220 kr – 380 kr

Reginateatern / Uppsala

tor 22 mar 2018 kl 10.00 – AVSLUTAD

Introduction to Improvised singing

A well-performed song can really spice up an improv performance. However, even seasoned improvisers sometimes shy away from singing. In this workshop we focus on creating and performing improvised songs, and the good news is that anyone can do it! We will prove in this workshop that each of us has been so immersed in (western) pop music, that we all unconsciously know ‘the rules’ of pop music. This workshop will help you unlock this unconscious knowledge.

Expect to learn:

* What to sing about

* How to make a song stick

* How to create song structures

* How to create a variety of melody and rhythm

* When (not to) rhyme

* How and when to sing together in duets and group songs

No prior musical improv experience is needed. You don’t need a good singing voice, you can be


About Tom Tollenaere (BEL)

Tom Tollenaere got introduced to improv in 1997 and was instantly hooked. Tom is founder and artistic director of RIOT – the Royal Improphonic Orchestra & Theatre, specializing in musical long-form improv theatre, and now celebrating it’s 10th year. Prior to that, between 1999 and 2005 he was artistic director for The Lunatics, Belgium’s largest short-form collective. He also performed with them as an improv actor from 1997 until 2006.



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