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#SWIMP18: Filtering reality (workshop)

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220 kr – 380 kr

Reginateatern / Uppsala

ons 21 mar 2018 kl 10.00 – AVSLUTAD

Filtering reality

This workshop will focus on the art of playing anything else but humans, while still being grounded, truthful, emotional and connected. That's right, why be another gullible dad or unreasonable teenager, when you can be a gullible door or an unreasonable fourth stomach in a cow? Throughout this workshop we will learn how to do clever mapping scenes by using techniques of combining our emotional and logical scope to create game, heightening and metaphorically deep scenes. You'll leave with a broader scope of the possibilities on how to start a scene, and feeling safe in making strong moves.


About Mia Fugl (DEN)

Mia Fugl is a performer and teacher at the Improv Comedy Copenhagen Theatre, better known as ICC, she is part of Suggestion 3 who perform improvised longform shows twice a week, and co-founder and performer in the ICC's only improvised musical. She has a background in facilitating improv classes for business students at the Copenhagen Business School, and has facilitated a number of corporate workshops. She's attended the iO Chicago's 5-week Summer Intensive in 2016 and has strong experiences with performing and teaching the american longform improv style.


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