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tor 12 okt 2017 kl 20.00 – AVSLUTAD

K R O C H # 8
----- ----- --- with STRINGS!
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Dörrarna öppnar kl 19 - kom och häng en stund med skivmusik och stumfilm i baren, tills konserterna startar kl 20. 

Varmt välkomna! 
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JON COLLIN (UK) elgitarr
minimalistisk, abstrakt friformblues
"A whole other level of wildness and intuition." 

improviserat, emotionellt, politiskt
"I Katts fiolspel ryms hela universum." 
"En av Sveriges mest intressanta basister."

lyriskt, fritt, intensivt 
"Truly intense and meditative."
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KROCH drivs helt ideellt.


JON COLLIN, elgitarr
Jon Collin is a guitar player from Lancashire, UK, currently based in Sweden. On record he plays either improvised freeform abstract blues or through-composed minimalistic utilitarian drone music. His live shows are improvisations using a system of body, mind, breath, strings and electricity. His most recent LP is The Nature (Early Music; 2017).

"Acoustic string improvs of great abstraction, clanger and depth, recalling a certain vibe that Loren Connors once called his own, although there's no aping here. Lots of dizzy inventions of clustered strings that manage to maintain a certain melodic beauty for all their weirdness. There are even bits of wobbled slide and sustain that recall Fahey at his loosest. Totally boss." – Byron Coley

“This spine-tingling album by Jon Collin is six-string primitivism taken to a whole other level of wildness and intuition.” – Derek Walmsley, The Wire

Katt’s violin playing is focused primarily on freely improvised music, and her approach to the unaltered, acoustic violin draws extensively on multiphonics, harmonics and microtonality. Katt has been a prolific performer on the East Coast of the United States but moved to Stockholm in 2010 and quickly became involved in many new projects, including The Schematics, Fens, Yun Kan 10, Das Dingbat and many others. Katt has collaborated with a variated sea of improvisers, musicians, artists and dancers – including Joe Maneri, Joe Morris, Jonathan Vincent, Alyssa Cardone, Gordon Beeferman, Joel Grip, Evan Lipson, Walter Wright, David Stackenäs, John Berndt, Matt Samolis, Lisa Ullén, Gene Coleman, Saul Levine and Zack Fuller. In 2014 she earned a Masters degree in Electroacoustic Composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and is now pursuing a PhD in Artistic Research at Malmö Academy of Music. Website:

vilhelm bromander (1988) is a swedish bass player, improviser and composer. the last couple of years he has established himself as one of the most interesting and active musicians on the stockolm experimental scene. with a great curiosity in sound, texture, intonation and timbre he embraces his bass from a lot of different angles: improvisational, emotional, compositional, social and political. he draws his inspiration from a lot of different genres such as improvised music, just intonation, dhrupad, free jazz and electronic music. 
as an improviser he has played with musicians like axel dörner, tisha mukarji, sten sandell, audrey chen, anna högberg, christer bothén, david stackenäs, anna lindal, martin küchen, eivind lønning, dror feiler, katt hernandez, leo dupleix, lisa ullén, henrik olsson, raymond strid, fredrik ljungkvist, jonas kullhammar, per texas johansson to name a few.
also being a popular session musician he has played with among others daniel johnston, saigon, musette, josefin öhrn + the liberation, the tiny & music is the weapon.

Daniel Levin's approach to the cello and improvisation is revelatory in its nuances, offering subtle insight into just how far the instrument can be stretched. Perhaps most notable in this recording is the large amount of space left between sounds, giving Levin room to spatter his sonic sculptures across a vast canvas. It's a truly intense and meditative listening experience. Keep an eye out for Levin on tour, including US dates this fall in Chicago, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Massachusetts.
“One of the outstanding cellists working in the vanguard arena.” (All About Jazz)
“The man to watch.” (Penguin Guide to Jazz)

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