SilwerSteam - Nordic Steampunk Faire 2017

SilwerSteam/Eskilstuna Stadsmuseum / Eskilstuna

sön 3 sep 2017AVSLUTAD

SilwerSteam - Nordic Steampunk Faire 2017.

The International convention/Festival takes place at the beautiful site of northern Europe's largest steam engine hall, and the machines are still working, and will be running during the event! Expect fantastic costumes, props, larps, arts, contests, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and shows. 

♦ Lectures ♦ Workshops ♦ LARP ♦ Costume contest ♦ Craftsmans market ♦ Board games hang-out ♦ Short story contest ♦ Inventor forum ♦ Tea duelling ♦ Night club ♦ And much, much more... ♦ 

For us Steampunk is a passion! And we want to share that passion with everyone with a similar interest in what once was but aint no more, or what wasn't, but might have been... Our passion in an age where one took pride in marvelous inventions and made sure they looked every bit as awesome as possible! An age of creativity, positivity and spectacular style!

That is what SilwerSteam aims to bring to all!

Therefore we have a couple of different price classes for tickets, and except for children or youths, you decide for yourself which of the price classes is the one for you! Yep! That's right, you decide!

Every price class entitles entrance to all the festival activities. Entrance to both Eskilstuna City museum (with the steam engine hall) And the Munktell Museum (with Sweden's very first steam train), and to the Awesome "Steampunky" micro-brewery and pub Eskilstuna Beer Culture which we SilwerSteamers have all for ourselves on Friday and Saturday evening! The tickets also include lunch Saturday and Sunday and all Tea and/or coffee you want during the convention... 

The 3 price classes are;

One Ordinary price covers the cost of the convention and this is the middle price class.

One Support price class for those who want to support the convention and help us make SilwerSteam that extra bit Awesome!!

One subventioned, this is for anyone who can't afford or aint inclined to pay more for the convention. 

So, you yourself chose which one seems most fair!

There will also be an at-the-door price class for those who want's to visit SilwerSteam at Saturday. Those tickets will be valid at both the City museum and Munktell museum, but will not include workshops, lectures, lunch and the evening pubs.

Refunds; Until the 16th of July you get refunded if you can't attend SilwerSteam. From the 17th of July you don't get refunded.

Here are all the links you might need (for SilwerSteam anyway) Please help us spread the word on social media because you know what they say, the more the merrier!!

Of course you really need to keep updated on at least our homepage and Facebook to get that updated program and last minute information...

See you all in September!

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