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#SWIMP17: Participating More in Performance (workshop)

Citystay / Uppsala

lör 25 mar 2017 kl 14.00 – AVSLUTAD

Participating More in Performance

Difficult scenes often result when the onstage players have no idea where or who they are because they are surrounded by a blank space that offers them nothing. Participation by other players fills this space creating a real world for the players to play in. This makes scenework easy because the heavy lifting of invention is done for the players; they can focus on each other, rather than inventing details. It also makes further invention by the players easier because they have a real world to build on (snowball effect), instead of a blank space.

This is a workshop with exercises to encourage players to participate in the performance without being new main characters. It trains players to support their fellow players by providing them with a real world to play in. This makes the job for onstage characters easy.


Cameron Davis

Cameron Davis is an improviser, teacher and Harold coach. He performs long-form with the Edinburgh troupe, Salt, and at the Edinburgh Fringe with the short-form troupe AtoZ. He teaches classes on the principles of improv, being the importance of character motivation, making strong moves, and supporting the moves of others. His style of teaching is less talk, more action. His classes are about more practice doing the things that make improv easier and doing less of the things that make improv difficult.